Monday, February 08, 2016

Putting in the Hours

"Early Morning", watercolour 5 x 7 inches or 12.7 x 17.7 cm.
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I am feeling the need to put in the hours, to practice my craft.  I know that I love the fluency that plein air painting brings, No pressure of painting to order, for a collection or for any other reason other than to hone my skills, practice, practice, practice and to speak in the language that I know best. Never underestimate the benefits of practice.
I like the hour or two of complete solitude, the meditation of painting, or drawing.  With all that in mind I am getting down to work.  I have a big trip planed later in the year, a bit of a grand tour and I want to paint all the way, so I am getting into training.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

New Collection at Beside The Wave

" Night and Day" is the working title for a new collection of my work that has gone up on the walls of Beside The Wave gallery in Falmouth.  It is always one of the rewards of months of hard work to see everything perfectly framed and beautifully hung.
 It is like seeing it all through new eyes and every time it reminds me of how important a good gallery is.  Having people who really understand how to display everything to show it at its best is worth its weight in gold.
 If you are near Falmouth please do go and have a look and tell me what you think!
 For details of all the paintings you can visit the gallery web site Beside the Wave or have a look through my web site Sarah Wimperis

A Cornish Winter sketchbook, 29 double page paintings in one opening frame.

French Roads sketchbook, 29 double page paintings in one opening frame.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Every Now and Then

Every now and then I reveal another side to the things that I do, its not just painting, there are the long Cornish winter evenings to fill and even I find that painting for every hour that I am awake a bit difficult so I need something to do that is relaxing but still creative...
So I make bears, I design them, make the patterns and then find beautiful materials and construct them.  Each one is a unique creation, completely hand made and as traditional in construction as I can make them.  They have English glass boot button eyes, they are fully jointed with cotter pins and stuffed with wood wool which is a traditional teddy bear stuffing and gives them a lovely scrunch.  They are made of mohair or vintage faux fur.  The ears and pads are either faux leather, raw silk,wool felt or silk velvet.  I am trying to use lovely materials throughout.

 Some of them have musical insides, this hairy fellow, who is called Withell ( a Cornish name) and he plays the Teddy Bears Picnic.  I am making little cloth signature tags and they will have calico storage bags because...

They are "Collectors" bears.  They are not allowed to be sold as toys as very small people love to eat glass eyes and apparently will chomp right through to the metal cotter pins, because of that unfortunate tendency of small people I am designing a "dangle" or "walking" bear, one that can be eaten, sucked, sicked upon and put into the washing machine.
Because everyone must want a very special handmade, unique, one of a kind bear for the newest tiny person in their lives...dont they?
I have started an ETSY shop for this kind of thing so please encourage your friends to buy a bear or order one, I will make commission bears.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Night and Day" a new collection

I have an exhibition of brand new work opening at Beside The Wave in Falmouth on January 29th.
The title of this show, "Night and Day", as well as being a fantastic Cole Porter song, captures absolutely everything that I am motivated to paint.  Light seen at different times of the day or night, life and lovely times captured and celebrated by the act of painting; The sun shining through glasses on a thick white linen table cloth.  Mist slowly clearing in the early morning.  The heat of an afternoon wandering through a garden in a foreign land, senses alive to new scents and sensations.  Visiting the city and enjoying the colour of a rain soaked sky.
Early Morning in the Garden 40 x 80 cm oil on linen

 As keeping sketchbooks are fundamental to my practice as an artist I have celebrated this aspect by  including two little sketchbooks, “French Roads” and “A Cornish Winter” both complete with 29 little paintings and housed in a special opening frame so that it is possible to enjoy each painting and then to have a new one every day.  Like a slow time slide show!
French Roads, complete sketchbook 29 paintings, 9.5 x 29 cm, watercolour

A collection of new work that I think sits very well together.  I will put all the work on my web site after the 29th, in the meantime a preview can be requested from Beside The Wave.
Morning Table 60 x 40 cm oil on linen

Monday, December 07, 2015

"Quick Draw", not a cowboy film...

Recently I have been writing and illustrating on a couple of books working with Salariya Publishing, with the working title of "Quick Draw" 

The first of which is "Urban Landscapes" They include a lot of step by step drawings and paintings in as many different media as I can imagine. Watercolour, oils, pencil, pastel, charcoal, ink and even digital are all covered.

As well as hard work it has been a great deal of fun to be able to explore and play and has made me realize, yet again, how important constant practice and experimentation is for any artist at whatever level.

One of the results of all this work is that I have equipped myself with a mobile studio (Muddy Red Wheels!) and intend to travel the UK and Europe painting, drawing and holding workshops, giving talks and demos wherever I can.

The world is my oyster and I intend to paint it!
You will be able to follow my exploits on Facebook, Twitter as well as here on my blog.
Stay tuned for more news.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Affordable Art Fair Battersea 2015

An image rich post with some scale images as well as some images of a selection of the work that I am showing at Battersea Affordable Art Fair with Beside the Wave, stand G4.  It opens tonight and is on until Sunday evening. So if you have the chance pop along, the Art Fairs are always interesting.
I have a several pieces of work some large like this one as well as some tiny gouaches.
Have a look:
Sunday Morning in the Correze, oil on canvas 120 x 150 cm

Study for Sunday Morning. oil on board 20 x 30 cm

Little Courtyard Bargemon, oil on board 30 x 20 cm

London Studio

Sit a While With Me

Through to the Dining Room

Arles Roofs

Cat on the Terrace

Falmouth Cafe

Green Shutters

Little Sweet Peas

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Urban Landscape Painting Trips of all Kinds

This morning I was sketching in Harlem, New York City, there it is, my finished sketch.  Yesterday I was drawing a little view in Venice.
All of these are final drawings for the book that I am working on, Urban Landscapes. For this particular chapter my super fast mode of transport shall remain a mystery to be revealed in the book.  Other drawings and paintings are also part of the book.
This one is drawn on location in France, en PleinAir air but then changed, or rather added to later on.
And this one is a larger oil of a street in London.  
The most difficult aspect of doing the book is actually remembering to take photographs at stages during the drawings or paintings creation. 
The best bit, by far, has been drawing and painting obsessively. Without doubt, practice, practice, practice, enough is never enough and it makes a huge difference, mainly to your confidence in your ability to take on complicated subjects.
It's all been very interesting.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Some more Road Sketches

I am keeping a road sketchbook, every day as we travel about, it is growing into a nice record. That's the beauty of sketchbooks, they develop with time, almost out of sight, they become better with distance!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pigments, Rain and Grasse

I got myself some pigments from The Ochre Mines of Roussillion, with gum Arabic and a little honey I am set to make my own watercolours. As soon as the weather stops being so watery, and the sun shines again and we have set up camp again I shall paint an extreamly large watercolour ofRoussillon using pigments from there mixed with lavender honey! In the meantime here is another whopper, 4 foot by 5 foot or 120 cm x 180 cm done en PleinAir of the view from Grasse towards the Mediterranean.

 I have some more road sketches but that will have to wait for dry weather to photograph them and then some wifi to post them, until then we travel on...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Up sizing Watercolour Painting

I decide to test out my "easel" for the larger paintings. This is a painting from the high road of Col de la Bonnett executed in pure watercolour. 
It measures about 4 foot x 5 foot, which is approximately 120 cm x 150 cm. large enough. It does require some energy to paint that big, especially in watercolour, working wet in wet fast in the hot Provençal sun.

Here is the set up... Now back to work...


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Working in the Rain

Not quite as extream as it sounds, last night and all morning we had a huge thunder storm, which is always exciting in a tent.
This morning, having mopped up all the leaks, I set up a tented studio. I am supposed to be working on this trip, doing some commissions and working towards a book. So today I painted, photographing each stage of the work as it developed. I used an image from my iPhone and the sketch that I did yesterday.  It was a beautiful little productive courtyard opening onto an small lane in Bargemon. With a tiny door and two stone troughs catching water from a little water spout. This is in oils, kind of half PleinAir half studio work!



Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pure Provence

After the high road we swooped down to the glitz and madness of Cannes and Antibes, stayed in a camp site underneath a viaduct and beside the sea, got up before dawn to watch the sun rise over the Mediterranean. Then on up to Grasse, the perfume capital of Provence, through tiny alley ways with towering thin houses of ochre and terracotta. Lunch in Bargemon beside a moss covered fountain with plane trees throwing dappled shade across the houses.
Now we are camped beside a rushing river in the gorges of the Verdon, staying put for a few days to tackle some bigger work.