Thursday, August 24, 2006

All The Mornings of The World

All The Mornings of The World
30 cm x 30 cm. 12 in x 12in.

“This is such a difficult thing to capture. Early in the morning, the sun just risen and catching the dew on all of the new spiders webs. It is the end of summer and already there is an abundance of seedpods and dry twisted leaves. The delicacy and fragility of this moment are what I am trying to catch.”


JennC said...

I like this. How much are you selling it for?

JennC said...

let me think on it (overnight). I may offer myself a birthday present. :)

Laura said...

This is absolutely brilliant and breathtaking! You have captured exactly what you wanted.

Peter Yesis said...

You caught it and very nicely composed too!

JennC said...

BTW, I got it and it's even better in real life. Thank you so much.