Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Barn Doorway

Barn Doorway
13 cm x 15.5 cm. 5 in x 6in.
“From inside the barn, with the shadowy shapes of the winter wood store and the saw horse, the landscape outside is bleached away by the late summer sun.”

This is also available as a giclee print in a strictly limited edition of 25 (24 remaining)


Peter Yesis said...

very bold painting, keeping the shadows alive yet dark enough. This is not easy to pull off in watercolor but you have done it again!

tlc illustration said...

Beautiful, as usual. I'm so glad they are selling for you as well! (I'll be counting the days until I get to buy my own. :-)

I understand the addtictive qualities that you speak of -aptly named Red Shoes! It does seem to pay off though. I think these keep getting stronger and have more inpact the longer you do them.