Monday, August 28, 2006

Early Morning Sky

Early Morning Sky
13 cm x 13 cm. 5 in x 5in.
“ Out early with the dog, this is the beginning of our walk, beside some dark woods on a little track. The sky this morning was rippled with purple edged clouds as the sun came up.”
This is available as a giclee print in a strictly limited edition of 25 (20 remaining)


Laura said...

Sarah, another gem. Would you mind telling me if you work predominantly en plein air or from photos? I assume a mix of the two. I particularly wondered about that fabulous "All the Mornings of the World" one. It has such freshness and immediacy and vibrance and... . You can tell I really liked it.

Peter Yesis said...

you really caught the mood and the light with this one. I felt the morning immediately. Great painting!

muddy red shoes said...

Hi Laura, I use a mixture of the two, a lot of sketching en plein air, sometimes painting as well, I also use a digital camera when I am worried that a light will go or change too quickly, so that I have a refrence. I also spend a lot of time "consiously looking" I learned the trick in China where it was impossible to sketch in public, it attracted too big a crowd, so I learnt to look and remember!