Monday, September 18, 2006

Four Paintings of Church Island

Four Paintings of Church Island
Each one is 15 cm x 25 cm. 9.8 in x 5.9 in.

“Lough Currane is like a bowl of the purest water sitting in a cradle of mountains in County Kerry. In the middle of the Lough is Church Island, a small windswept place with the remains of a tiny 6th century monastery and a burial ground. It is a place of stillness where the voices of long ago sing on the wind.”

The price for the original set of four painting:
£300.00 UK. $560.00 USA. €440.00 Europe
This is also available as a set of giclee prints in a strictly limited edition of 25
Printed on heavyweight 100% cotton rag paper, signed and numbered.
The price for the set of four prints:£60.00 UK. $120.00 USA. €88.00 Europe


Peter Yesis said...

beautiful group of paintings. I like the way they work together or separately.
Well done!

Fashion said...

The pics are really fantastic you tooo.......Red shoes are my favorite....especiallyTimberland shoes.....