Friday, September 29, 2006

Grey Shutters

Grey Shutters
15 cm x 20 cm. 5.9 in x 7.9 in.
“This house stands deserted and forgotten on the road to Inzinzac. When the sun shines on its dilapidated plasterwork it becomes a riot of subtle colours and interesting textures. When it rains it is hard to imagine a more forsaken little building.”

This is also available as a limited edition of 25 prints


Peter Yesis said...

Knock the socks off my feet woman!(can you tell I lived in West Virginia?) WOW! Where did that color come from? Great name for the painting considerig the brilliance of the piece.
Keep it up!

Tim Schutz said...

Really really like this one of yours. You push watercolor so well.

Leslie said...

This is so pretty! It makes me want to go in there and look around. : )

Paintdancer said...

I love this piece! Wonderful colors and character!

Lisa said...

Hello, I just stopped by to look and see. This painting is truely lovely. Beautiful and charming.