Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September morning

September morning
15 cm x 15 cm. 4 in x 6 in.

“If you scroll back through the blog archives to July 20th you will find this same view, another early morning. This was a coincidence; it must be something to do with the 20th of the month. Two months on the light is very different, the barley has been cut and the seasons have moved on.
I like the continuity of this idea, and might repeat it later through the year.”

This is also available as a giclee print in a strictly limited edition of 25


Peter Yesis said...

You certainly can capture the mood and light of early morning in watercolor. Another great daily piece.
What time are you getting up to do these morning pictures?

wagonized said...

Gosh, the atmosphere is so well rendered, i can feel the chilly morning. Your talent blows my mind. It's as simple as that.