Sunday, September 10, 2006

White Sheets

White Sheets
22 cm x 18 cm. 8.7 in x 7.1 in.
“Very simple today. A sunny Sunday morning, I hung the washing on the line and the patterns made by the sun shining through the leaves onto the sheets were lovely. I wanted to try to capture all the blues in the white sheets, and the play of light on them. I wish I could add the smell of clean washing!”

This is also available as a giclee print in a strictly limited edition of 25


Mousie said...

It's so magic to be able to paint like this...I wish I had money to buy one of your year I'll start being paid for my retirement, and save some money...and the sheets...i've always been fascinated by washing hanging's so much the life of people...i said one day i would take photos of it...
the thing i like in your painting is the life, but with a different light, your's a bit difficult to english isn't good enough...i do like it, and thank you for those minutes of happiness.

Lorna Marrison said...

Miss your daily paintings!

A.K.Ard said...

I love the blue shadows of the trees against the white sheets. I also like the way you depict light shining between leaves with a soft blurring - it creates a great effect.
Beautiful work!