Sunday, October 01, 2006

Beachcombing, Sunday Morning.

Beachcombing, Sunday Morning.
20 cm x 15 cm. 7.9 in x 5.9 in.
“I love going to the beach on a Sunday morning, there is defiantly a “day off” feeling about it. A couple of dedicated beachcombers are picking their way through the flotsam and jetsam thrown up by last nights storm and someone is walking their dog. I know that after a very bracing hour on the beach we will retreat to a warm café for a good cup of coffee before going home.”

All about selling my work:
It is for sale, this delightful rendering of a seascape.
Should you decide to add it to your collection it would arrive with a mount and be carefully wrapped in tissue paper before being posted in a protective envelope. The prices for such a transaction are up there, to your right.
You can also choose to have it as a limited edition should you prefer. In a print run of only 25 this would make it quite collectable.


Shant said...

Nice, I don't go to the beach much but, I love the idea.

Jan Blencowe said...

Oh I'm jealous! LOL Watercolorists have such an advantage when they can splatter and spritz paint to create all that wonderful foreground texture! It's a perfect technique for this piece.

VH McKenzie said...

I've really been enjoying your paintings and these past few are really beautiful. And I think they require quite a bit more skill than just "splatter and spritz"! And altho I know you are not based in the states, this recent beach painting also evokes the coast of Maine --a similar vast, rustic nature. I love them.

Simone of Art Critiques said...

I love your watercolors.

wagonized said...

This and the Côte Sauvage are beautifully dramatic though quiet (how do you like my oxymoronic, convoluted sentences?!!). I love what you did with the sky, and the stains in the foreground. Someone compared this seascape to Maine, and i couldn't agree more. When i went to Maine, i decreed it was "la Bretagne de la côte est américaine!".