Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup
10 cm x 10 cm. 4 in x 4 in.
Oil on stretched linen canvas

“ Tiny little painting of a tiny little cup of espresso. Espresso is of course small and intense and very enjoyable. This little canvas is one of those fat little fellows with thick sides, which are now painted. I fancy a little fat series of coffee and cakes. Small, intense and enjoyable paintings!”
As this is such a small painting, it has a smaller price. Including the postage it is 55 Euros (for Europe) 37 Pounds (for the UK) and 68 Dollars (for USA) Email me if you would like to start a little, fat and yummy collection.


Peter Yesis said...

This is a wonderful little piece. I was beginning to wonder if you ever went inside. You have done an incredible amount of daily work outside. You get the daily painters outdoor award. The first prize is a nice hot cup of expresso.

Vivienne St Clair said...

I love your oils...especially this one....hmmm now I have to go make cofee.