Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Farrier

The Farrier
20 cm x 20 cm. 7.9 in x 7.9 in.
Oil on stretched linen canvas

“ This morning the farrier was working at the stables down the lane. Every six weeks he arrives to re shoe the horses. The cold morning air mixes with the smell of horses and burning hoof as he puts white-hot shoes onto their feet. They obviously feel nothing as they each wait patiently for him to finish. It is quiet, occasionally the horse stamps and the radio murmurs early morning news in the background.”

The reproduction of these paintings leaves a bit to be desired, I am sorry about that. The fact is they are wet when I photograph them and I am not much of a photographer. In real life they are crisper and the colours are clear. However if you like them now just think how much you would like to own it, to see it for real…go on, buy one! Email me and we can sort it out. The prices are up to the right all including postage.

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Laura Wambsgans said...

This is a wonderful painting. So often I click on your work, your subjects and mood just speak to me.