Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Le Boulanger

Le Boulanger
13cm x 23 cm. 5.1 in x 9.1 in.
“Very early this morning, about 2am I went to watch the baker at work. We tiptoed through the shop, so as not to wake the sleeping family upstairs, to the back. Working alone he mixed and weighed, shaped and rolled hundreds of pieces of white dough. The whole place, although there were large mixers, metal cabinets and ovens, felt soft. The smell was soft, a smell of childhood, yeast and flour. The dough was beautifully soft and springy. There was a whispering whiteness to the room. Even the contrast of the black metal baking racks and the dark quiet night outside held an enveloping softness like a brushed fleecy blanket.”
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Dian said...

Amazing. What a fabulous composition. I do enjoy coming here everyday!

dinahmow said...

Oh! Your wonderful watercolours! But you already know how much I like them.Sarah, I think you've hit the motherlode with your mini series of people at work.They'd make a great calendar!

wagonized said...

I wonder how you got this unusual angle. We can feel the warmth in this one. I can also smell the smell of those "ficelles". Gorgeous.