Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Submarine Base

Submarine Base
20 cm x 20 cm. 7.9 in x 7.9 in.
Oil on stretched linen canvas

“ The submarine base at Lorient is a strange and haunting place. It was built in the second world war by hundreds of prisoners. Now the massive walls of concrete are stained with rust, colonised by sea birds and grass grows in the cracks and crevices. It seems to me like a poignant memorial to all of the lives damaged by war. A memory of the sadness that man inflicts upon himself and his world. A great hulk poised, lonely and huge above the sea, being gradually softened by time. Like a stone heart.”

The reproduction of these paintings leave a bit to be desired, as they are wet I have to photograph them. In real life, they are crisper and the colours are clear. However if you like them now just think how much you would like to own it, to see it for real…go on, buy one! Email me and we can sort it out, the prices are up to the right all including postage.

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wagonized said...

Your latest paintings are gorgeous -- and congratulations on getting them sold!!