Monday, November 06, 2006

Frame of Shadows

Frame of Shadows
21cm x 26.5 cm. 8.3 in x 10.4 in.
“ The French for shadow is l’ombre, which sounds a bit like sombre, which is maybe where that word comes from. I don’t know but I do love the sombre nature of shadows, dark, gloomy but intensely interesting. I enjoy the way the sunlight beyond is a flash of brilliance in the dark.”
The price, should you be interested in a purchase is:
75 pounds (UK) 144 dollars (USA) and 112 euros (europe).
This includes postage. I do send all over the world talk to me for details.
Please email me if you are considering having this to keep for ever, on your wall, to enjoy for a very long time.


Tim Schutz said...

This is fantastic! It immediately caught my eye on the daily painters site. I see it has sold already. Good for you. Excellent painting!


Barbara said...

Lovely light filled works. I look forward to seeing more.