Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Walk On The Beach

A Walk On The Beach
18cm x 24cm. 7.1in x 9.4in.
Oil on stretched canvas
“Bright cold sun, clean clear sky, wet sand. To walk along the shoreline, with a faithful dog for company, is to be lucky indeed.”
This is for sale.60 pounds (UK) 116 dollars (USA) and 90 euros (Europe).
Includes the postage.
Email me if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

i love this one! i really like how you've caught the water really well, which is really hard, clever you! from me

gailking said...

hello; bob says he recognises Dave, but he seems a bit slimmer...he says artistic license; like his grey hair. He also says i can have this for my birthday and crimble present combined....STICK SOLD ON IT