Sunday, December 10, 2006

Barge at Pont Neuf

Barge at Pont Neuf
33cm x 24cm. 13in x 9.4in.
Oil on stretched canvas

“The river is in flood after all the rain. This barge has a mooring at Pont Neuf; it is a beautiful, big, Dutch Barge, which someone has converted into a home. It has been decorated with hundreds of lights, as have the two houses on the bank just beyond. As a result the inky blackness of the night out here by the river is punctured with a celebration of light both in the night air and the dark waters.”

This is for sale.
95 pounds (UK) 186 dollars (USA) and 140 euros (Europe). This includes the postage.Email me if you would like to buy this or any of the other paintings.

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dan said...

WOW!! I think that's one of your most amazing peices you've done! Can I have a print, Please? Wow, keep it going.