Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tree Shadows

Tree Shadows
30cm x 40 cm. 11.8 in x 15.7 in.

“This Breton house has stood here for years, watching the river flow past. Solid and simple it is washed by shadows from the trees.”
Local watchers of these paintings will know that today the sky is not blue and the river is not flowing in a peaceful manner. This was painted today, from a bunch of sketches and photographs done when the weather was fine. It is tempting to do a still life every day that the weather is just too horrible but one of the things that I enjoy so much with this project is the changing seasons. Having said that maybe I should try painting in the rain. Better get a good umbrella.

75 pounds (UK) 148 dollars (USA) 112 euros (Europe).
This includes postage. Please email me if you are considering having this to keep forever, on your wall, to enjoy for a very long time.

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Gledwood said...

Amazing paintings! (We have a friend in common http://plumpiemousie.blogspot.com.)
Keep up the beautiful work,
Best wishes,