Saturday, January 27, 2007

Red Cafe

Red Cafe
16cm x 16cm. 6.3in x 6.3in.
Oil on stretched canvas

I am back! It was a horrible migraine but it has gone and I feel like new. I have been well and truly looked after by himself and also thank you to everyone who sent good wishes.
Yesterday I relaxed, did homey stuff and went shopping. I loathe shopping so I like to soften the blow by going early and starting the whole thing with a croissant and an excellent coffee for breakfast. I was sitting in the café when I spotted this couple, looking like “Brief Encounter” within a Mondrian painting. I love everything about this, the colours, the light and the understated drama of their meeting. I enjoy people watching and could happily while away hours just sitting in a café, with my sketchbook, watching the world go by.

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Katherine said...

Excellent Sarah!

Glad to hear you;re back in shape although what possessed you to go for bright red straight after a migraine I will never know!