Friday, January 05, 2007


This is my 200th daily painting and it is not a painting.
Sometimes it is necessary to recharge the batteries, I am tired, I need to go for a long walk, clean the house, organise and sort out. After a busy Christmas and New Year, with a house full of friends and family, illustration work to finish as well, it is now time for a rest. I may not paint for a couple of days but I will draw.
A lot of the paintings start life as a few sketches and some photographs. Here are a couple of sketches, one of the baby who is staying at the moment and one of my son Dan. The painting of him playing the Dobro on 28 December began like this.

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Katherine said...

That's a lovely drawing of the baby Sarah - and babies are a lot more difficult to draw than they look - I know, I've messed up a few in my time!