Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wet Evening St Malo

Wet Evening St Malo
16cm x 16cm. 6.3in x 6.3in.
Oil on stretched canvas

“After a long day, it is cold and raining, the damp and cold seep through to my bones. I am in a town far from home. The warm lighted windows of shops and cafes hold cameos of people talking and laughing together. There is a small part of me that enjoys the feeling of being an outsider. Watching little stories unfold. I run for the smoky warmth of a café, drinking coffee, still watching, as outside the evening turns to night.”

60 pounds (UK) 116 dollars (USA) and 85 euros (Europe).

This includes the postage.

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wagonized said...

Gorgeous atmosphere. I've been to St Malo a couple of times and loved it.
I also meant to tell you that i loved your video of your house -- was particularly impressed by the nudes hanging downstairs. Your house is just as incredible. What "département" do you live in? Les Côtes du Nord? -- if you don't mind my asking?