Monday, February 05, 2007


After a weekend of soul searching and a great deal of consideration I have decided to stop producing a painting a day.

I will however continue to produce My New Work.

So, what does this mean? Well, I shall be posting my work as and when I have finished each piece. I want to be able to develop work and to have time to work on larger pieces. This will mean that I may or may not have time to produce the smaller works, each day, which have been my painting a day series. I have, to date, produced more than 220 individual paintings since June 2006.


simon said...

I would like to say this:- to do what you have done is incredible.

Your work sits in my paiano room and is beautiful. However, I have lived with artists and frankly I think you would burn out if you kept this up.

So recharge, do what you feel rather than what you are driven to do...

that way you will be around a lot longer for your family, friends and those of us who admire your work.


Peter Yesis said...

Your work will only be more appreciated because now we have to wait for it!

Can't wait to see what the change brings.
You go girl!

Laura said...

Congratulations on finding the way that is right for you. It's the very, very rare painting a day person whose work is consistently of good quality. As Simon wrote, what you've already achieved within that framework is incredible. I'll be following what you do with great interest and enthusiasm, as I have for many months.

Katherine said...

Sarah - I applaud you in trying to find a way that works for you. Balance is good. And people who buy small paintings also come back to buy big ones.

I'll still be visiting - and I'm still going to do that blog post!

Anonymous said...

I only just stumbled onto your work today on the daily painters site and it's outstanding. I hope you do well whatever you decide to change in your work schedule.