Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Madrid Windows

Madrid Windows.
30cm x 30cm. 12in x 12in.
Oil on stretched canvas

I am in love with this painting, it makes me feel so happy, the buttery yellows and the sunshine. I saw these windows last summer when I was in Madrid and one of the things that I liked so much was the tiny splash of purple in the window boxes, I am very fond of that combination of purple and yellow. If you want the whole experience of this picture it is necessary to listen to Rodrigo Y Gabriela as that is what I have been playing while painting, oh yes and eat some paella!
This is not for sale through me but it is available through a gallery in America. I shall be doing several for that gallery in the next few days, you can find it here:

As always I appreciate any comments that you may have, blogger seems to have been having problems with comments so give it a test.


Kitty said...

I really like the warm tones in this painting and the way the blues and purples in the windows contrast with the building. I love how it is so simple and yet so detailed as well.

vivien said...

I think you are right to concentrate on developing work rather than put so much energy into daily pieces :)

This one is really lovely, beautifully loosely painted with lovely abstract shapes and a really happy sunny feel.

Steve Washburn said...

O Wow! A singing painting.....
What I call it when colors produce harmonics

Katherine said...

Isn't the yellow they use in Spain wonderful - it's always so sunny and uplifting.

Suzi-k said...

makes me want to be there... this is great. Enjoy preparing for the exhibition.