Saturday, February 24, 2007

News Flash

My dearest friend and slave, Mr Webmaster David, has been working very hard, sweating over a hot keyboard, learning the tricks of the trade of web site design.
Now we have the all-new and improved web site, including lots of new features:
A place to buy limited edition prints, big A3 size, printed on lovely watercolour paper.
A sneak preview of the soon to be released book, containing a collection of the daily paintings complete with musings.
A more informative older work section with some interesting pages from travel sketchbooks.
Future projects and all about how to commission work from me.
There are links to various places including Gillian Jones Gallery who is having an opening show in March, including some of my work.
The plan is to make this web site much more flexible, up dating and adding to the pages as we go.Well, I bet you can’t wait to go there. We would very much appreciate your thoughts and reactions to it, any glitches that you might find and comments that you may have.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

How interesting - both design and content! I need to come back later for a longer look..........