Monday, February 19, 2007

South Downs 1

South Downs 1
15cm x 10cm. 6in x 4in.
Oil on canvas board.
Framed size 22cm x 17cm

This rolling landscape with its wide-open skies and softly folded hills is, for me, forever England.
We drove through the South Downs this time last year, on the way to the funeral of a friend. Emotions very raw we listened to Vaughn Williams and watched this achingly beautiful landscape unfold. I wept and drew, loving the hills and dried winter colours.
I want to make bigger paintings of this place but I think that I will have to make a special trip, just to drink it in.
This little study is one of two; its partner appears tomorrow.

Each painting costs:40 pounds (UK) 78 dollars (USA) and 60 euros (Europe). This includes the frame and the postage.

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Granny B said...

This is my homeland where I grew up. It brings back memories of school holidays, long bicycle ride, and walks with my beloved father. Thank you Sarah, for bringing back such lovely memories.