Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stone Heart

Stone Heart
27cm x 41cm. 10.6 in x 16.1in.
Oil on stretched canvas

Does a portrait tell a story? I think it should, or perhaps when an artist paints a portrait then there is a story in mind. This is my daughter, with the world in the palm of her hand; there is nothing that she cannot do. Looking back I think that we all go through that time in our lives but all to often it passes before we realise it. I wanted to catch it here. She hasn't got a stone heart by the way, quite the opposite, she is holding one, found on the beach.

This painting is not for sale but I do take commissions for portraits email me if you would like more details about commissioning a painting.


Granny B said...

This is "Gert Lush" according to the subject! We love it toooooo!

ksklein said...

the pic reminds me somehow of nicole kidman. it´s beautiful. love your veggies too.

Brendy said...

I love this! What an interesting composition.

Rhonda Hurwitz said... expressive of her personality, a wonderful portrait.

Anonymous said...

a bag of chips of the old block!

Julie in Brittany