Thursday, February 15, 2007

Treasure Trove

(Ithink that is the record for fast sales!)
Treasure Trove
30cm x 30cm. 12in x 12in.
Oil on deep stretched canvas

Deep in the forest, late afternoon sunlight punctures the regiments of trees revealing a secret horde, a wealth of jewel colours in the winter leaves of bracken and brambles.


Peter Yesis said...

Bold and beautiful! What an inspiration you are. You are fearless!

vivien said...

I'm not surprised it sold so fast - it's lovely, vibrant, alive and colourful and I love the way the tree trunks dissolve in the light - you've caught that effect really well.

Katherine said...

I'm not in the least surprised either

Of course you now have a jolly good reason to tackle it again - how about a version #2?