Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Book, My Book.

My book has arrived, and I am more than happy with the result, it is a good size and the reproductions of the paintings are great.
It is a soft back book and measures 8.5in x 8.5in or 22cm x 22cm.

For anyone who would like a collection of over 100 of the daily paintings then this is the thing.

Roll up and get your copy here, just a click away

Each edition is signed and costs £22.00 , €33.00 , $44.00 Including postage

For those of you who have shown great faith and support and have already brought a copy, thank you very much and they are in the post.


Peter Yesis said...

I am camped out by my mailbox eagerly but not too patiently waiting for my copy. What a wonderful gift to myself!

Katherine said...

Well done Sarah! Can I have mine signed by the author/artist please? :)

I've been thinking of doing something similar - any tips you can pass on about who you used and software involved?

Kathy C said...

Ordered one myself after finding your through Katherine. Anxiously awaiting the arrival...what a lovely Easter gift to myself!

René said...

Ordered one also, .. at last!

I am watching your blog for month and am a great admirer of your work, ... its so full of sweet careful touches. A great love for all the thing that's surrounds you.

Thanks for letting it out to all to see.

(Would you mind if i linked you up?)