Thursday, March 22, 2007


20cm x 20cm. 8in x 8in.
Oil gesso board.
(click on the image for a larger view)

Although now the weather has turned cold again, a couple of days ago the air was warm and the sun was shining. Rotovating the vegetable plot is one of the early signs of spring. The earth is a fresh rich brown, the grass is bright and vibrant and the smell of growth and green is in the air. I liked the way my rabbit proof fence of sticks made an interesting linear pattern, breaking up the green and the little splashes of red on the rotovator and David’s bandanna.
It is fine indeed, when I get to sit and paint while he does all the work!

60 pounds (UK) 116 dollars (USA) and 85 euros (Europe). This includes the postage.

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