Monday, March 19, 2007

Inside the Forbidden City.

Inside the Forbidden City.
24cm x 19cm.9.5. in x 7.5in.
Oil gesso board.

Today’s painting is obviously not a little bit of Brittany. It is actually a Little Bit of Beijing. I found a load of old sketchbooks and pictures from my travels the other day and thought that a change of venue might be good for the soul. The doorway is inside the Forbidden City in Beijing. With that beautiful range of reds and a splash of scarlet at the end of the corridor it easily caught my eye. I have no idea what the writing said but I tried to copy it, I remember at the time thinking that it was either very profound or said something like “staff only, unless you are the red paint delivery person”

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Katherine said...

How fascinating! Do you have a website with your sketchbooks on - in which case I have a second blog which needs a link to them!