Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mothers Day.


Mothers Day.
20cm x 25cm. 8in x 10in.
Oil gesso board.

This riot of flowers were catching the light at a friend’s house. The sunlight surprising edges of petals and spotlighting other flowers. An abundance of colours and a rich blue wall beyond how could I not paint it? Also it is mother’s day in the UK. So this is for the Mothers. My Mum, Gill, my Mother in-Law, Lesley and my God –Mother, Sue, I would like to wish them all a very happy Mothers day. Same goes to all the other sorts of mothers out there, step, god, belle, old, new, hopeful, potential, spiritual and habitual, I salute you all ladies!
I can smell chocolate cake baking now.

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Granny B said...

Thank you for your good wishes and for the flowery thoughts. Happy Mothers Day to you too Dear Sarah, from us here. You still have the one little boy at home to look after!
Lots of love