Friday, March 23, 2007

Rain-Sky in Josselin.

Rain-Sky in Josselin.
20cm x 20cm. 8in x 8in.
Oil gesso board.

Josselin is a beautiful half-timbered town in Brittany. For me it has a special colour, I call it Josselin Rose, it is a kind of dark dusky pink, with a hint of magenta. Every time I go there my head is full of shades of this colour. Rain was coming and the sky was heavy with a potential storm, deep and full of Josselin Rose. I am off there now, to have lunch with a friend, we will sit in a café and I may well draw, I wonder if Josselin Rose is inside the buildings as well, we shall see.

60 pounds (UK) 116 dollars (USA) and 85 euros (Europe). This includes the postage.


Suzi-k said...

this is lovely! The colours are warm and you have captured such an atmosphere!

Judy McLaren said...

Makes me want to visit, just drenched in wonderful colour and atmosphere. What a delightful painting.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful view of the Alzey