Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Afternoon
40cm x 40cm. 16in x 16in.
Oil on stretched canvas

Saturday afternoon shopping involves very civilised rest stops in the local bar. It is full of families enjoying coffee, hot chocolate or wine. The afternoon sun briefly floods in through the window making an irresistible subject for a painting.
This, strangely enough, also reminds me of the forest paintings that I have been doing lately. Either the light through trees has got to me in a big way or the glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon, whatever it is I hope you enjoy the result!


H Malott said...

I love it!! Well done! ~Heidi

Peter Yesis said...

Shimmering beautiful light! You work is a thrill to look at. If I ever cross the ocean your studio is on my list.

simon said...

Sarah! I love this one it reminds me SO much of my stay in Paris.
I am looking forward to returning to France in May.

vivien said...

definitely the same light effects as the woods and absolutely beautifully handled - it's lovely :)

Suzi-k said...

I love most of your paintings but this is EXCEPTIONAL, the person who bought it is SO lucky to be able to live with those glowing jewel like colours and feeling of light and transparency every day!!