Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Garden.

Spring Garden.
17.8cm x 20cm. 7in x 8in.
Oil gesso board.

This is my neighbour’s garden, he has owned this place for 25 years, he lives in Lorient and comes out here about twice a month to mow his grass and clip his hedge. I sneak in here when he is away because I like clipped in hedges in gardens, they provide good contrasts of dark greens. My garden is a wide-open space, not a hedge in sight, certainly nothing clipped! Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and in Gerard’s garden the first blue bells and daffodils shone like coloured sparks within the shadows of the trees. The grass is that acid green of spring, it is like a reaction against all the browns and greys of winter.

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Peter Yesis said...

Thanks for the green. I needed a glimpse of spring. We are just now melting the final snow from our last snow storm. It's 3 in the morning here, can't sleep, so thought I would pay you a visit. You never fail me, always beautiful color and a sense of place. Wonderful!