Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Horse Shadows

Horse Shadows
15cm x 10cm. 6 in x 4 in.
Oil gesso board.

Early morning again, the sun had just risen above the trees and these three horses were having their breakfast nibble. Long shadows stretched out across the wet grass and a tiny sliver of light caught their backs.

I am working hard on some illustration work so paintings may be a bit sporadic for a while but I will try to fit both in.
Now, a little reminder: I know it is possible to take prints of my paintings, and I don’t mind that much, although this is how I make my living. If you see a painting that you really like and cant afford (or it has sold) please remember that I produce prints up to A3 size, on very high quality paper. They are far superior to anything that can be printed (or pirated) free from my blog and really, for a limited edition of only 50, they are not that expensive at
£20.00 or $40.00 or €30.00 postage included.

So have a think, if there is anything that you would love as a signed print please let me know.

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