Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Portraits Progress

This is going to be like a soap opera, you will be on the edge of your seats!
I am going to blog this portrait as I do it, at the end of each day that I have worked on it, just for fun, to show the progress of a painting.
I am working quite hard right now, a big bunch of illustration work to do, lots of small paintings clamoring around wanting to be painted, several larger ones too and some commissions. On top of that I have some portraits that I am working on. I am quite an impatient person and in order to slow myself down I try to work on several things at the same time, it allows for paint to dry and thoughts to formulate.
Here we go...A Portraits Progress...
I will start with some sketches and photographs. The sketches are how I try to distill what it is that I like about a subject. They also serve as reminders of all the other senses, smell, sound, feelings, mood. Sometimes a thought or idea is very fleeting and so this is where I catch them.

After the sketches I do a careful line drawing which will be transferred onto the canvas or board. Before that happens I colour the canvas, often I work on a black surface, I like the way it makes the colours glow. For this portrait I have used a kind of burnt orange, it is a mid tone and I want to be able to see into the shadows as I paint them also there is quite a lot of blue/white in the picture and I think the orange will work well beneath that.

That is as far as I have got today...please send me your comments as they are always interesting, artists work alone, they crave feedback, well this one does anyway!
Don't forget to tune in for the next thrilling installment of "Portraits Progress"


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your portrait WIP!

I need orange said...


Thank you for sharing your process with us!

As a total non-painter, it would never have occurred to me that you would start drawing/painting with anything other than a white canvas.....

Vicki in Michigan, eagerly awaiting the next installment

Lindsay said...

Yea! This is wonderful for me to see your process. I'm following along. Its interesting that you like to start with a black canvas. Your colors do pop. I recently tried a painting on oragne paper with blue and orange over it. It does pop the compliments.
I'm a HUGE fan and learning from you.

Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

This is going to be very interesting...I love seeing how others work, and I love YOUR work, so doubly enlightening...

Always fun to watch a work in progress, and this lad has a very interesting look...will see you tomorrow!