Monday, April 02, 2007

Wedding Day.

Wedding Day.
20cm x 20cm. 8in x 8in.
Oil on stretched canvas.

This painting is a birthday present for my younger brother. I think his computer is broken so I don’t think he will see this before it gets to him.
Last September he got married to a very lovely lady. They celebrated their wedding on a beach in Wales, it wasn’t a bright sunshiny day, in fact it rained but I don't think that mattered a bit, they were obviously so very happy.
I liked this little image; the colours of their clothes went very well with all the subtle greys of the sea and wet sand.


I need orange said...

Nice! I love the red, and love the reflections!

Bendtherulz said...

lovely painting...I can imagine the expression in their eyes..loved the colors quite surprised to see that they wore Red on their wedding..I thought you guys are into whites...Red is generally associated with Indian wedding...however very rightly said that colors are going so well with all the backgorund.
Just curious to know what will be charges for India/ Asia ...Thx