Friday, May 18, 2007


19cm x 29cm. 7.5in x 11.5in.
The dim light of an early morning softly illuminates a new foal. Her mother gently nuzzling and talking with a low burbling sound as the foal balances uncertainly on Giacometti like legs. A shivering new life wobbling around in short bursts of energy. So much for my break from painting but, honestly, how could I resist doing some work about this little lady. Her name is Thea and she arrived in the small hours of this morning.

This painting is for sale, matted and costing:
60 pounds (UK) 116 dollars (USA) and 85 euros (Europe). This includes the postage.


vivien said...

Gorgeous! you've got the closeness and the spindly legged vulnerability :)

dinahmow said...

Lovely, as always, Sarah.
If you have a moment to cross to my blog you'll see your portrait.