Saturday, May 26, 2007

Half-Timbered House, Vannes.

Half-Timbered House, Vannes.
23cm x 17.5cm. 9 in x 7in.
Oil gesso board.

Vannes is a beautiful town; I think it is the capital of the Morbhian in Brittany. It is full of wonderful half-timbered buildings, leaning over to kiss each other above the cobbled streets. I walk through Vannes looking up at these impossible buildings weaving a mediaeval wave across the sky.

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Peter said...

Hi, I came across your blog from
and love how you have the pics on the top of the page with the title in red across it. Would you have some time to tell me how you did it? If not, that's ok - I know how busy life can get. Keep up the great effort and thanks for sharing your talents...