Monday, May 07, 2007

Wind Tracks in the Barley.

Wind Tracks in the Barley.
23cm x 17.5cm. 9 in x 7in.
Oil gesso board.

It is barley, not wheat. This beautiful green sea of soft new growth that is filling the fields around my home is barley. I keep calling it wheat; obviously I am not a farmer. This is the corner of the field where the marks of the tractor mingle with wind tracks to make drawings in the soft blanket of colour.


Quont said...

Wow - really love your paintings. I love the bright colours and the subject matter. Very appealing to me.

I found your blog this evening while enjoying different art sites. You do some really lovely work and I envy your talent - I'm a writer myself.

I was wondering if you would be interested in taking part in our Paint Something "Good" Contest over at the Legends of Mernac for a chance to win $500. This contest is centered around a different theme word each month for the next year, with a winner every month. May's theme word is Fantasy.

I hope you'll enter! Great work!

Rodrigo said...

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