Saturday, June 09, 2007

Just Before The Bailing

Just Before The Bailing,

Moleskin Watercolour Sketchbook.

Click on the image to see a much bigger version.

Sorry this is yet another sketchbook offering. I find sketchbook work really relaxing, there is no pressure to get it right and sometimes the mistakes are as interesting as the successful bits. After a long day at the graphics tablet on my computer, illustrating for all I am worth, it is sheer indulgence for me to walk through the hot afternoon sun to the table at the end of the field which wallows in a pool of deep shade, and draw. You can see pictures of the field this morning over on Muddy Red Shoes.


Pequete said...

Please don't apologise for offering us these amazing sketches! I have just found your blog through ArtBlogs4You and I am so glad. I will surely be coming back.

Suzi-k said...

pequete just took the words right out of my mouth! no need to apologise for these great sketches!