Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Room With a View

Room With a View,

Watercolour, Sketchbook.

(Don't forget that to see these pages from my sketchbook, up close and personal, just click on the image and wait for it to appear very large and waiting for scrutiny)

Just keeping in touch really, with you and with myself. This is what I see out of my studio window, the cushions are there so that I can sit in the window and talk on the phone! It is a good life! Although I am rapidly needing to do some "proper" paintings, the illustration work is going well and filling my sketchbook is keeping the lid on the simmering pot but I think it might need to boil over soon and splatter out some solid work, something I can get my teeth into! Soon.

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Jane Walker said...

Hey thanks for the tip... I only just discovered clicking on the image enlarged it! This is a really good sketch today - I like the transparency of the curtain and the depth of the composition , must be a great view!