Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Watercolour and pencil. Moleskin Sketchbook.

Watercolour and pencil. Moleskin Sketchbook.
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Todays offering is from my sketch book. Due to a great deal of illustration work that has winged its way to my door I am only going to be able to snatch time for sketch book work. This was during a very pleasant tea break in my garden. Noel our farmer neighbour is about to cut the field for hay so, as finally summer seems to have arrived, I doodled this as I drank my tea and also drank in the beautiful summers day. What is it about sun, warm air and birdsong that sooths the soul so very much. I sit in the shade of the tree, in the inky shadows and feel so peaceful despite the mountains of work waiting inside.
Anyway, wherever you are, I hope you enjoy this little bit of summer sketchbook.

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Katherine said...

It looks gorgeous!

Sarah - take a look at the blog about Irene Brady's Nature Journal Blog on my blog (Wednesday). Will you be doing something similar for your art holidays?