Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cherry Orchard

Cherry Orchard
27cm x 22cm. 10.5 in x 8.5in.
Oil on stretched canvas

I held out for as long as I could but early this morning the urge got the better of me. I had to paint!
This is a little cherry orchard deep in the Dordogne countryside. I had gone for a sketching walk with Boy, the young son of one of my dearest friends. We had spent about an hour drawing a magnificent view and then moved on. Boy was all painted out so, while I absorbed this little lane, he ran about in the cherry orchard “scrumping” cherries, which he shared with me. It had rained recently. The earth was warm and the smell of wet clay mingled with the scents of clary sage and thyme that were exploding into the air as Boy’s busy feet scrambled over the stony herb encrusted ground. I wonder if one day, when I am nearing eighty and Boy is in his late thirties, whether the taste of cherries and the smell of wild thyme will invoke this moment.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me their votes for the 5-subjects-100 -painting project to start on July 12th, it is very interesting and useful. I shall publish the results on July 10th, so if you haven’t voted yet please do.
I am also working on some plans for structured painting courses for next year, I will let you know when they are ready and posted up on the holiday site.
If you want to see some examples of the illustration work that has occupied me for so long it is over on Muddy Red Shoes.


Jane Walker said...

Lovely..I would like to walk into this picture and feel the sun on my shoulders... at least as good as the painting was your evocative description of a place that appeals to all the senses.. it also means I am missing my cherries, grrr.

vivien said...

a lovely painting and the word painting was great as well :)

.... and it's way underpriced for such lovely work