Monday, July 30, 2007

Pastel Windows.


Pastel Windows. (buildings 4)

These coloured windows belong to a hotel in Quiberon. Bright and cheerful with the sun obliging and making some lilac shadows, they stare out to sea putting a happy gloss on the day. If I ruled the world it would be brightly painted, it makes me smile to see such fun.

25.5cm x 20.5cm. 10in x 8in.
Oil. Painting 009
This painting is for sale, matted and costing:85 pounds (UK) 170 dollars (USA) and 126 euros (Europe). This includes the postage.


Carol Marine said...

I love these windows! The color is just magnificent.

Sharon Henson said...

I just love this painting...The colours are so beautiful

Crazy Ravens said...

I really like the windows. I wish North Americans could overcome the cowardly obsession with beige and express their homes in color

Katherine said...

Wonderful - you should do more of these!