Monday, August 06, 2007


Cooking. (working 2)

This is David’s domain; he is as obsessed with cooking as I am with painting. He was mincing meat to make a Bolognese sauce when I saw this pose. Light pouring in through the open doorway, reflected shadow on the copper pan and eggs and tomatoes creating lovely shapes in the foreground. I really like the indistinct quality that looking into the light gives, it forces you to look at the shapes that are of that moment rather that the shapes as you assume them to be. It also bounces off surfaces and reflects colours back into the shadows. So here we are, a recipe…take one solid chef, add in some shiny and some smooth objects, a pinch of bright colour, shine sunlight through it all then let it peculate through a paint brush for about two hours until nearly set…Voila! A slice of domestic working life.

25.5cm x 20.5cm. 10in x 8in.
Oil. Painting 012
This painting is for sale:85 pounds (UK) 170 dollars (USA) and 126 euros (Europe). This includes the postage.

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wanda knight said...

Sarah, This is wonderful. The colors, the texture and the brush work all combine to make it a fine painting.