Thursday, August 16, 2007

We Are Changed.

We Are Changed. (not part of the 100 paintings project)

Sometimes there is a cross over between paintings and illustrations and this is the result. I call them dream paintings. They have soupcons of found poetry which make slightly surreal stories, wafts of iconic imagery that weave together to make these pictures.
Over the years many of these kind of pictures have gone off to live with other people and each one has “spoken” to their new owners. I really enjoy that. Also I thoroughly enjoy painting them as to make them is a kind of meditation, a wander in the deep forest of my mind. Fortunately, for me, not too many monsters lurk there and it is possible to take a picnic and have a day out!

21cm x 28cm. 8in x 11in.
Watercolour, ink, gouache.


Suzi-k said...

love it....nice to know your mind is a safe, colourful, friendly place to lurk!

tlc illustration said...

This is lovely - and such a departure from what you generally post here. I love the complexity of textures and the jewel-like colors