Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Distant Boats Off the Belle Isle.

Distant Boats Off the Belle Isle. (seascapes 4)

It is such a beautiful day, the beach is empty, the kids are all back at school now and summer has put in a late appearance. The sky towers above, perfect blue going on forever. It is on days such as these that the worries and woes of the world are lost in the enormous beauty of that blue space. We are but grains of sand, very happy, very relaxed grains of sand…smile into the blue and listen to the waves and wish that we can kiss it all better because it is surely worth it.

25.5cm x 20.5cm. 10in x 8in.
Oil. Painting 023


wanda knight said...

So peaceful and calm, wonderful feel. I love it. Also your comments about this painting are really nice.

Jess said...

It's a beautiful day here too in Bristol. I was a smiling grain of sand just now when I walked to Tescos! :)

ParisBreakfasts said...

Bravo Sarah :)

Peter Yesis said...

How do you get that blue? This is a wonderful painting. Makes me want to fly right over and paint.