Thursday, September 06, 2007

Uilleann Piper.

Uilleann Piper.
Oil on Canvas
64cm x 81cm 25in x 32in.

I have just finished off my painting of Dicky Deegan the Uillean Piper. I wanted to show the darkly haunting quality of the sound as well as some of the frenetic complexity of it too. It is a beautiful instrument with what seems to me, many voices, and sometimes several all at once. It is a strange thing when making portraits; I am never sure what the end result should be. Most of the time it seems to my impressions of a person rather than the traditionally held belief that it is the sitter’s personality. I think my way makes sense; after all, we all have our own impressions of people usually governed by our own life experiences. With this portrait, though I wanted to talk about the music as well as the person, as with this musician, he really lives his music.


brittanycider said...

Hi Sarah

Its a great portrait of Dickie, you have got him just right. I have told him to get himself to a computer to have a look. Love the mug on top of his box.

All the best
Little Paddy

kieran said...

Hi I play the pipes and I love this picture is it for sale please e-mail me
Thank you