Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Outside autumn reigns, wet and misty, the soft light exaggerated by the reflective lids of a collection of jam jars. Conversation and the kettle begin to mist up the windows making the kitchen into a little island of warmth on a cold grey day.

Another portfolio piece, these will be for sale at a later date.
30cm x 30cm. 12in x 12in.

I am off on Friday to hospital, for an operation, having been unwell for some time I shall be better and back to full turbo mode, (it’s not my hands so no worries!)
Then to Angleterre for a bit of a trip, I have meetings in London, the Cotswolds, Cornwall and Bristol, should any of you be in those areas and would like to meet up, let me know now and we could arrange something.
There will be an open house exhibition at a friends house in Tottanham London, if you are interested in coming (to buy some paintings!) email me for details.
It is a whirlwind tour during which I will endeavour to find time for some painting, if I do and I can find a friendly computer, I shall post up whatever it is that catches my paintbrush on the blog. I shall be back properly in January.


Anonymous said...

Another lovely painting! You're going to be very much missed in Cyberworld. I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to any painting that we might be lucky enough to see from you. Hugs from Jess.

Ash said...

I love this pic - I am a sucker for your still lifes, capturing the essence of the seasons.

Hope you are soon home and feeling much better befoire the English onslaught.

Suzanne said...

Oh, the light you captured here is fabulous. I wish you that sacred light, much love, able hands and big hearts to help you through your operation and recovery. Sorry to hear that you've not been well. We're all rooting for you.

vivien said...

this is another gorgeous one :)

I hope you put these descriptive bits of writing on the back of the work? it really adds an extra dimension

good luck

red tin heart said...

I pray that the Lord bless and keep you and make you whole. xoxo Nita

Anonymous said...

these last two paintings capture alot, i mean, they look bigger than they should be, really nice, hope it goes well tomororw. Dan xxx

Suzi-k said...

I'll miss you, and your inspiring paintings. hope the op and post op recovery go very well. And that you sell up a storm at the various shows.....go well.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Lush gorgeous painting Sarah!!!

ParisBreakfasts said...

GOOD LUCK with everything Sarah!!!
Sorry I just looked at the picture and didn't read the text...idiot-moi :(
I wish you well.

red tin heart said...

Thinking of you and hoping you are doing well. xoxo Nita

blts2@yahoo.com said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Love your paintings and your comments on them. Lynn

ming said...

Watercolour is such a difficult medium, but you do suach a good and unique job off it!

I am impressed by your skill, and py how prolific you are!

I found your blog, via the daily paint works site.

And I'll be here again, and again..and again!

www.artmakr.com (i wrote a shnipit and linked to you;)

red tin heart said...

Still praying for you. I hope you are recovering well and hope you have a wonderful Christmas. xoxo Nita

Don Gray said...

Wonderful, lush watercolor. All good wishes for a speedy recovery.

red tin heart said...

Thinking and praying for you. Love Nita

Linda Blondheim said...

Your paintings are rich and fabulous. Fantastic!!!

Linda Blondheim


Ann said...

another piece that just grabs me. Hope your well by now. Merry Christmas