Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kitchen Window With Three Cups

Kitchen Window With Three Cups

Light floods in through the kitchen window transforming last nights coffee cups into things of beauty, mysterious shapes against the backdrop of a Sunday morning. The alchemist is at work creating a small but breathtaking symphony of light and colour.
The cropped version of this tightens everything up a little but I quite like the paint meanders at the edges, it is like the picture finding itself!
If you have the time and inclination, click on the top image then you can see a much bigger picture and enjoy all the lovely colours hidden in the paint!

24cm x 32cm 10.2in x 8.3in


Suzanne said...

Magnificent, Sarah.

Joan Y said...

This is so beautiful Sarah! Your handling of light always amazes me. :)

Sandy said...

Love the colors and the light.


Jess said...

Another wonderful painting. How do you get your watercolour darks so very dark, are they tubes or pans?

muddy red shoes said...

Tubes and pans, bit mentally restricted to w&n, going to try out their new large pans as I prefer pans to tubes.
This one was done with pans and the secret is lots of layers...

michelle said...

Such beautiful handling of light and color. It's exciting to see your ability to handle both watercolor and oil.

Rima said...

I love this one Sarah ...
I like painting with watercolour but my watercolours never look like proper watercolours like yours..!
Three cheers for your paintings and, yes the light in it is just great.

red tin heart said...

the way you have captured the beauty in this makes my heart ache because it is so wonderful. xoxo nita

red tin heart said...

i keep coming back to this painting. it draws me like a magnet by its beauty... xoxo nita

ParisBreakfasts said...

This one hunky gorgeous watercolor Sarah!!!

Katherine said...

This image has been nominated for my competition to find the best artwork completed and posted on an art/illustrated blog in 2007 - See
this post
on (Making A Mark December 17th) which identifies the link to this URL. You may find you get a few visitors!

Readers of my blog will be voting next week for the five nominations selected as finalists - to be posted on Monday on my blog, Making A Mark, along with a complete list of all images/blogs/artists nominated - plus small images of each nominated work.

Can I have permission to post the image on my blog on Monday please?

Merry Christmas

PS Sarah - I know you're in the UK and may or may not pick up this message so I'm going to assume permission given we met up earlier this month!